An old treasure from my last record

Here´s the new musicvideo of "breakwater lights", the second single of "lights". The photographys of the young woman are by Antonio Picascia

After one month of silence, here´s the first music video from SOPHIE. It´s for the lead single of the new LP… and that´s not the end!

Hello there. I´m sorry, the former version of "Conscience (single edit)" had an audio-fault. Now you can download for free the repaired version on bandcamp. 

Another preview of a new track from the new album (see below). This time the singer was Lena Büscher. 

Like you can see below, there´s a new track online. The vocals are from the great Julia. 

The last lyrics from the forthcoming LP. This song calls "View to the sea" and is sung by the great Julia.

The last track is (like two other tracks on the LP) an instrumental.

Hello out there! now the lyrics from flickering lights are online. I think today´s a great day to remember you, that my LP will be online soon. Mark the 03.10.14! Then you´ll find it on iTunes, amazon, Deezer and all the others! 

Today, the Lyrics from "song for the unknown" online.


...the lyrics from "seaside daisy" are online, now!



SOPHIE´s now on Bandcamp. There you can get the single edit of "Conscience" for free in finest WAV-quality.

new lyrics -click on the pic!

pic by Rebecca Riddle

...and today,, the lyrics from "conscience" on tumblr

New release date: 03.10.14! 

Then you´ll find „lights“ on many shops like iTunes, amazon, 7digital

or as a stream on deezer. 

The wheel turns on further: now you can find the lyrics from „for you, whatever…“ on tumblr.

SOPHIE is now on twitter

thanks for the pic to

From today onwards, i´ll post one lyric after the other on tumblr.


It starts with the lyrics from "Spark", the first track and single from lights! 



If you want to listen to this track, you´re welcome to do this here

Here´s the tracklist for the forthcoming LP „lights“: 

1. spark           

2. for you, whatever...      

3. breakwater light       

4. conscience         

5. 5th of may

6. seaside daisy               

7. helia                       

8. fear of girls

9. song for the unknown       

10. flickering lights      

11. view to the sea

12. selfshot teenie

...and now you can find SOPHIE on facebook (like so many others, but however)

SOPHIE is now on soundcloud. Other tracks will follow soon!

The first three tracks in their single edits are out! 

See it for yourself!

pic from rhodesj
pic from rhodesj


The musicproduction is over. The first LP since six years will be out in a short time. It´s called "lights"